Functional Programming in JavaScript

In this book, you will find how to use JavaScript as a functional programming language.It turns out that JavaScript has everything it needs to be used as a functionallanguage. We just have to remove features from the language starting with the 'this' keyword.Functions are values. Functions can operate on other functions. Inner functions can access variables from the outer functions even after the outer functions have executed.Functional programming makes code easier to read, understand, test, and debug.Here are some of the things you will learn:How to disable 'this' and enable immutable data objects using a linterHow to work with immutable objects and collectionsHow to do data transformations using core operations like filter, map, sort, or reduceHow to use statements like if and switch in a functional wayHow to create pipelines and use currying to pass additional dataHow to create and use functors and monadsHow to work with promises and observablesUnderstand the Elm Architecture

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Book Title: Functional Programming in JavaScript

Book Author: Cristian Salcescu

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