The Complete Guide to Vision Boards: The Ultimate Starter Kit To Get Wildly Clear and Create the Life of Your Dreams (English Edition)

How would your world change if you could gain clarity right now on one aspect of your day-to-day life? A vision board is a deeply powerful and creative way to help you achieve clarity to your biggest questions surrounding career, business, relationships and personal projects. When you surround yourself with images of who you want to become, what you want to have, where you want to live, or where you want to vacation, your life changes to match those images and those desires.In THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO VISION BOARDS: THE ULTIMATE STARTER KIT TO GET WILDLY CLEAR AND CREATE THE LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS, internationally renowned entrepreneur Christine Kane reveals a no-nonsense, how-to guide for people who want to create big outcomes in their lives. Drawn from nearly a decade of experience holding vision board workshops during her business retreats as well as her own personal experience learning how to tailor vision boards for ultimate clarity in personal outcomes, Christine walks readers through creating visions boards, step by step, to create a life infused with the power of intention. This new edition is based on Christine's original book that has been read and acclaimed by more than 50,000 people worldwide. THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO VISION BOARDS features never-before-seen chapters and a comprehensive Q&A section that will guide you to making the perfect vision board. THE COMPLETE GUIDE will show you: *how to harness the power of intention in a completely revolutionary way *how to overcome cynicism, fear, and guilt that hinders you from personal success *the one step everyone forgets after creating their first vision board *the perfect crafty tools to take action and have fun *bonus guides and music recommendations to help you focus your vision board *three key vision board types that can unlock your goals in the coming yearIf you've already created your first vision board, this book will help you learn how to move from beginner to advanced vision boards to get bigger, better results. Experience personal transformation by discovering the secret behind the creative process and move your authentic intention into solid, personal transformation. This book is a great decision-making guide if you struggle with setting clear, detailed goals for your career, business, relationships, or home life. If you want to achieve things you didn’t even think were possible, THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO VISION BOARDS is right for you.

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Book Title: The Complete Guide to Vision Boards: The Ultimate Starter Kit To Get Wildly Clear and Create the Life of Your Dreams (English Edition)

Book Author: Christine Kane

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